Fuel Injector Cleaning Services

Ordering Information

Thankyou for trusting us to cleaning your injectors.


The cost per injector is $15 for top feed injectors.


G.D.I injectors (please call for price)


Work on your injectors can’t start until customer info is received.


To insure proper testing please leave O-Rings and spacers on the injectors.

Ordering Instructions

Please ship to:


DSM Fuel Injector Cleaning
11117 Old US Hwy 50
Breese, IL 62230


Current Turn Around Time is One Business Day

Car Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow Testing Service


$6.00 flat rate for return shipping by priority mail that includes $50 insurance. . Please wrap your injectors separately and place in a plastic bag before shipping.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow Testing Services

We use the ASNU Classic GDI state of the art diagnostic tester for all of our services. We can do single or multiple testing of fuel injectors. Sorry no Diesel Testing  available. We do offer gasoline direct injector testing. Other  services available upon request.

What is a Fuel Injector?

We service all types of automotive electric fuel injectors. This diagram is a typical example of the Fuel Injector.

Car Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow Testing Services

A decrease in fuel economy in any automotive vehicle is a sign of a fuel injector problem. It is recommended that once any car has reached 75,000 miles, you will start to see your fuel economy and performance decrease. Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow testing service is then required. Get your injectors cleaned and tested and it will increase you gas mileage ratings, you will have fewer decreased emissions, and get that smooth operation and performance you used to have on your vehicle.


Fuel Injectors that have been sitting outside of your vehicle for an extended period of time or fuel injectors that were purchased without a known history can be problem. Are they clogged and dirty? Do they have any unknown electrical problems? Does the fuel flow evenly? Our Car Fuel Injector cleaning and Flow testing service will insure its cleanliness, we will test for all known issues and provide a valuable flow report with your returned injectors.


All Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow testing services  are performed on the highest quality ASNU precision calibrated equipment, the same that we use on our own fuel injectors and you will receive the same quality and attention to detail that we would put into our own high flow fuel injectors as well. So you know the results you will get are the best that you can find anywhere. Ship us your dirty and clogged fuel fuel injectors today, and we guarantee that you will  get that fuel performance boost you have been missing.

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